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At Dandy Delirium, we sell clothing for Men, Women, and Children. But we don't think in "traditional" gender categories; we aim for unisex and openness.


Our assortment is diverse, including the entire range of Coton Doux products. Coton Doux is a French design company specializing in wonderful dress shirts in incredible patterns and prints, with high-quality touches and amazingly soft feel. The shirts are made in Italy. Fabulous socks, men's boxer-briefs underwear, ties, bow ties, and pocket squares are all available too.

Also in our assortment are selections from the famous Trash and Vaudeville, the original Punk and Mod gear supply store located on St. Marks Place in the East Village of New York City. Their brand, TrippNYC, has always been a favorite. At Dandy Delirium, you will find their jeans, in skinny cuts and tie-die finishes and tartan patterns. Cotton and spandex motorcycle jackets, in black, white and Tartan. Plus, shiny silver MOTO jackets and pants!!

Madcap England is also an exciting addition to our array. They specialize in fine mod concepts. We are stocking 60s style trousers with multi-colored pin stripes and vintage-styled cuts with a modern twist. Corduroy jeans and drainpipe trouser cuts.

PHIX from the UK is a new discovery. They are supplying us with Rock n' Roll jackets and hats. Velvet and corduroy 60s-themed gear is the order of the day. 

Sunvoss sunglasses and glasses frames are out of this world! Experimental and hip facewear that simply cannot be found anywhere else in Switzerland.

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