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DANDY DELIRIUM is a boutique that specializes in eccentric fashion that you can wear to work and at play.


My love of fashion began as a teenager, when I fell in love with the Soho neighbourhood of NYC, the Soho of the 1980s. This conincided with an explosion of love for rock music, which a is very fashion conscious movement itself... The combination of these elements lead eventually to Dandy Delirium. 


My name is David Max and I sell fashion influenced by Warhols Factory, Punk, Mod, Hippie and eccentric Dandies of historical significance. 


After many years of making records and touring the world, mostly well known for my tenure as the lead guitarist of seminal alternative experimental collective PSYCHIC TV, I moved to Switzerland with my favourite person, Rebekka Rudin to 'settle down' and make a baby. Now we are comfortably ensconced in Basel.


Our honeymoon turned out to be perfect. Just like our wedding. What luck! Me, a boy from New Jersey, getting married in a real honest to god castle in Switzerland: Schloss Wildenstein.


The next day, Rebekka and I were off to Paris. I had only ever been there touring with Psychic TV (PTV3). I had been dreaming about roaming the streets and sitting in cafés since we'd got engaged. Shortly after checking into our boutique hotel in the Marais, we dropped everything and went shopping. This is when I discovered Coton Doux. The shop was small, and packed with the most interesting prints and patterns that I had ever seen on a button-down dress shirt. My eyes leapt out of their sockets...which ones to choose?


Well, after about 10 years of buying Coton Doux, a shirt here, a shirt there, I found myself out of work.

As a part-time touring musician, salesman and manager of a small guitar store in Basel, I discovered that my sense of wonder at the world and its possibilities became diminished after doing the same thing for such a long time.


The idea came in a flash...Take my love of fashion, my experience in retail, and combine them, - simple. But what products will I have in my store? - Come and find out!


Yours truly,

David Max

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